International Conference NDT Days 2018

June 04 - 08, 2018, Sozopol, Bulgaria


in cooperation with

Scope of the conference

The conference is aimed to all topics of non-destructive testing and evaluation of materials and structures in all areas of technical activities. It is an opportunity to meet together all people interested in research, development, as well as in practice, standardization and application of NDT/NDE methods. All interested persons are invited to participate at the conference, and to contribute by papers in both oral and poster sections. Manufacturers and suppliers of NDT instruments, software, literature and service providers are invited to present their products and innovations.

Main conference topics


Bulgarian Society for Non-Destructive Testing (BG S NDT);
Institute of Mechanics, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences;
Institute of Information and Communication Technologies, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences;
Technical University of Varna;
Petersburg Power Engineering Institute of Professional Development;
Scientific and Technical Union of Mechanical Engineering, Bulgaria
Cluster "Non Destructive Testing Bulgaria"


Scientific Committee

Chair: Prof. M. Mihovski, Acad. E. Gorkunov
Co-Chair: Corr. Member S. Margenov, Prof. A. Nazarchev, Assoc. prof. R. Vasilev
Members: Acad. V. V. Kluev (Russia), Acad. N.K. Mishkin (Belarus), Prof. J. Grum (Slovenia), Prof. D. Dimov (BG), Prof. V. Krustel (Croatia), Prof. V. Kavurdzhikov (BG), Prof. V. Kovtun (Belarus), Prof. N. Minchev (BG), Prof. N.P. Razigraev (Russia), Prof. A. Notea (Israel), Prof. A. Tadzibaev (Russia), Prof. S.I. Krivosheev (Russia), Prof. T. Pechyonka (Poland), Prof. V. A. Troytzky (Ukraine), Prof. E. Manoach (BG), Prof. V. Kolarov (BG), Prof. V. Titkov, Prof. E. Barkanov (Latvia), Prof. P. Trampush (Hungary), Assoc. prof. P. Mazel (Czech Republic), Assoc. prof. M. Stoychev (BG), Assoc. prof. Al. Skordev (BG), Assoc. prof. I. Georgiev (BG), Assoc. prof. Y. Ivanova (BG), Assoc. prof. Hr. Draganchev (BG), Assoc. prof. A. M. Povalotska (Russia), Assoc. prof. T. Donchev (UK), Assoc. prof. V. Chirikov (BG), PhD Y. Shoeff (Israel), B. Mihaylov (BG)


The Conference will take place at the Hotel “Bulgarian Red Cross Educational Center” in Sozopol, Bulgaria (map). The town of Sozopol is situated 30 km southern from Burgas (the nearest international airport). Sozopol is one of the best resorts at the Black sea coast. It is also an ancestor of ancient antic, midcenturial and modern Bulgarian culture.

Travel information

Air transport is convenient from the International Airport of Sofia to Burgas or directly to the Burgas Airport. Trains to Burgas, departing from the Central Railway Station of Sofia are also available. Busses from Burgas to Sozopol go from the Bus Station (South) located directly adjacent to the Burgas Central Railway Station.


Conference languages

The official languages of the conference shall be English, Russian and Bulgarian.

Call for papers

All authors are invited to contribute papers on the areas of conference topics (in both oral and poster sessions). Proceedings of refereed and presented papers will be published at the Open Access Database It is highly recommended to prepare the source files for the papers using the following template. For more information, see the paper preparation guidelines.


The program will be available soon.

Organizing Committee

Mitko Mihovski (Chairman),
Alexander Skordev, Alexander Alexiev, Yordan Mirchev, Yonka Ivanova, Ivan Georgiev, Iva Marinova

Contact of the organizing committee

Prof. M. Mihovski
Institute of Mechanics,
Bulgarian Academy of Sciences
Acad. G. Bonchev Str., bl. 4
1113 Sofia, BULGARIA
Phone: (+359 2) 979 64 45, (+359 2) 979 71 20; Fax: (+359 2) 979 71 20